Golesh Team

Under Contract...Now What?

Your Upcoming Home Insurance

Over the next couple of days, Gina will provide you with information regarding your home to pass along to your preferred home insurance provider.  If you feel you need a recommendation on a provider, please check out some of our preferred vendors here: Home insurance vendor page.  As always, feel free to use whomever you wish and feel most comfortable with!

Per the Contract, you may or may not have a deadline for this.  Regardless, we recommend that as soon as Gina sends over the documentation regarding your home, you begin connecting with potential home insurance providers.  Please know that most will provide a discount when ‘bundling’ auto and home insurance.  Please be sure to review your policy and, we always recommend, calling at least two providers to compare ‘apple to apple’ (similar) policies to ensure you are getting a good rate and are satisfied with your insurance.

Once you are ‘satisfied’ with the quote your provider can offer/gives you, please let us know.  It is very rare that you wouldn’t be satisfied, but if you are in that situation, we would love to give you an extra hand and help you through this process!  Also, once you are satisfied, simply forward a quote or the provider’s information to your lending team (lender and/or processor) so they can add it to your file.

Please do not begin coverage until your closing day.


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