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The Marketing Manager is an integral part of the Golesh Team and responsible for the Team’s “face” that is seen by both clients and the general public.  The Marketing Manager’s role is to share the story of who the Team is, what they stand for, what services they provide, and what sets them apart.  The mediums utilized to do so include that of digital and print marketing as well as events.  The digital marketing efforts include ongoing projects like social media and web page curating.  Print marketing responsibilities include that of quarterly mailers, calendar creation, event marketing, etc.  Events include coordinating and planning details of the events, curating and executing a marketing calendar, and ordering and purchasing swag.  This role has daily, weekly, monthly, and annual tasks that incorporate both independent work and collaborating as a team.  The Marketing Manager is dependable, flexible, and eager to continue their education in the digital/print arts and real estate marketing. 


The Marketing Manager is a dedicated professional who is well-versed in current social media platforms, has the ability to do some graphic design, and can manage some web work.  This person is excited to establish systems and cultivate a brand on a wide variety of marketing mediums.  This individual can have previous experience in digital and/or print marketing (though not required) and exemplifies skills in creative problem solving and constructive teamwork.  They are able to work independently as well as collaborate with others that may or may not be in their same department.  The Marketing Manager is able to receive advice and instruction from their superior(s) and actively implements change for the progress of the whole team.  They are able to educate their team members on current social media mediums and design instruments while being mindful of requirements the team needs to exercise with respect to real estate rules.


$50,000 – $60,000 annual salary


  1. Create and post all social media – Instagram, Facebook, Linkedin, and Youtube (with the exception of creating longer videos)
  2. Create and send monthly e-newsletters. 
  3. Create all print marketing materials, as needed, and coordinate printing options with local vendors. 
  4. Plan events and coordinate all necessary components including marketing materials, venues and vendors – within the desired budget. 
  5. Maintain the Team’s social “face” on all web platforms by creating marketing materials, on an as-needed basis. 
  6. Maintain the Team’s Marketing Binder and keep record of all marketing materials for each calendar year.


The Golesh Team is an energetic, creative team of real estate professionals who serve families and individuals across the Front Range by providing superior real estate services.  The Team works hard to incorporate all the team members’ talents and expertise for the betterment of their Client Experience.  All team members are to feel valued for what they bring to the table and are expected to give their 110% at all times for the progress of the mission, vision, and values of the Team.  The Golesh Team celebrates victories together and hones in on team collaboration when solving problems.  

The Team enjoys time spent together outside of work hours to celebrate small and large milestones and to get to know one another more profoundly in a social setting.  Regularly scheduled happy hours and team outings are part of the culture where team members can enjoy one another in a casual setting.

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