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We're hiring an Operations/Listing Manager!


The Operations/Listing Manager is a vital part of the Golesh Team and responsible for the overall functionality of the Team.  This Manager is charged with the workings of the Team’s systems, records, listings, and everyday tasks that keep the business running smoothly.  Systems include the Team’s contact database, bookkeeping, and budgeting.  Records include maintaining the organization of the Team’s documents, spreadsheets, custom forms, and all other documentation.  Listings include the organization, scheduling, and execution of all components necessary to get the Team’s listings to market and subsequently to the closing table.  Everyday tasks vary depending on the housing market and generally include maintaining the Team’s technology/equipment, booking appointments, serving clients via phone and email, and running various errands to best serve the Team’s clients.


The Operations/Listing Manager is timely, detail-oriented, and can anticipate the needs of the Team and their listings.  He/She is not scared to complete whatever task presents itself for the betterment of the team.  He/She is flexible and can take on projects of all natures, perhaps learning how to complete them as he/she goes.  The Operations Manager is personable and excited to work closely with all Team members.  He/She can collaborate with people of all walks of life and problem solve with creative innovation.  The Operations/Listing Manager can think ahead and plan for the future and make the necessary preparations for both the Team and their listings.  He/She is able to use technology of all kinds and is willing to learn new forms of technology that best serve the Team’s overall wellbeing.  


$50,000 – $75,000 annual


  1. Maintain all systems – Google Workspace,  CMA, CognitoForms, WordPress
  2. Bookkeeping and Budgeting – monthly, quarterly, and annually
  3. Communications – take charge of incoming calls, take messages, answer questions, provide information
  4. Listings – client files, vendor appointments, listing preparations before market
  5. Technology – computers, printers, phones, and all necessary technology
  6. Vendor Relations – guard good relations with all internal and external vendors


The Golesh Team is an energetic, creative team of real estate professionals who serve families and individuals across the Front Range by providing superior real estate services.  The Team works hard to incorporate all the team members’ talents and expertise for the betterment of their Client Experience.  All team members are to feel valued for what they bring to the table and are expected to give their 110% at all times for the progress of the mission, vision, and values of the Team.  The Golesh Team celebrates victories together and hones in on team collaboration when solving problems.  

The Team enjoys time spent together outside of work hours to celebrate small and large milestones and to get to know one another more profoundly in a social setting.  Regularly scheduled happy hours and team outings are part of the culture where team members can enjoy one another in a casual setting.

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