Golesh Team

Under Contract...Now What?

Your Upcoming Title Docs

Over the next week, we will send you title documents including Title Commitment. Please read the email, that our transaction coordinator, Gina, will send to you, to help guide you through the documents and ‘how to’ read them.

Title work shows if there are liens against the home and what needs to be paid off at closing to provide you a clear title.  These are typically things, like the seller’s mortgage, etc.  The seller does take care of this at closing!

Another piece of the commitment is the Owner’s Policy and Owner’s Extended Coverage.  This shares that you have a title insurance policy which will be provided to you at closing.  This was something we reviewed during your Contract review.  This ensures that if something with title arises in the future, that is currently unknown, you can file a claim and have coverage to take care of it for you.  It is typical that the Owner’s Policy is covered by the seller, if the seller was the one who selected the title company.  If this is the case, then the only cost that is your responsibility on here is the Loan Policy.  This policy is already a part of your closing costs which your lender has already, likely reviewed with you.

These documents are yours to review, there will be nothing to sign at this time. Please take the time over the next day or two to review and ensure you are satisfied prior to your ‘Title Objection’ deadline.  If you have questions, please let us know.  You can also call the title company with questions.  Their number is provided on the documents.

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