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Under Contract...Now What?

Top 10 Things You Need to Know

Please know, the next 7-14 days (or more?!) may feel like you are drinking out of a fire hydrant…it is going to be a lot!  If you feel overwhelmed, worried, confused, etc, please let us know (it is normal).  We will be sending you many more emails throughout your under contract as we wish for you to see everything (in writing) so you understand your commitment, options and the process.  We are always happy to walk you through it over the phone, answer any questions or just be a listening ear!

Your general Dates and Deadlines, per your Contract, will be provided by Gina via email in the form of an eCalendar.  This is typically sent within ~1-3 days of going under contract.  

Here is a general outline of your Real Estate Timeline as follows.  This does not include every single detail, but the top 10 major pieces of your Contract.  As we move through the Contract, we will be sure to send individual emails with more detail regarding each step:

1.  Earnest Money Drop Off (Please reference my ‘Congrats Your Under Contract’ email for all the details on this)  Once you’ve dropped this off, please let us know 🙂

2.  Inspection – Complete objection/resolution (as provided by Dates/Deadlines agreed and signed in Contract and per your ‘Congrats Your Under Contract’ email.  An Inspection Overview will be sent your way in a couple of days so you know what to expect prior to inspection.  Once your inspection is complete, we can review results together from there.)

3.  Real Estate Disclosures – These are disclosures provided by the Seller that share more about the home.  A ‘disclosure’ simply ‘discloses’ information to you, it does not necessarily mean you ‘agree’ to it, but rather you ‘understand it exists’ and ‘acknowledge’ it for the time being.  Once Gina sends these to you, please be sure to review, ask any questions, and sign.

4.  Title Commitment and Disclosures – You will receive two separate updates regarding your title commitment as this is one of the hardest things for most buyers to understand.  We will outline what it means and how to read it.  As always, ask questions!  For your convenience, we will also provide with you contact info for the title company so you can contact them directly with any questions perhaps we cannot answer for you as they are certainly our ‘title experts’!

5.  Property Insurance – More information regarding potential providers will be sent your way as well, should you need a great industry recommendation!

6.  HOA Documents – (if applicable!) If the home you are purchasing has an HOA, we will work with the title company to get these documents ordered and ensure you have the opportunity to review them.  Once you do review them, on or before the deadline in your eCalendar, We recommend carving out some time to review them as there are typically hundreds (yes, probably hundreds!) of pages for your review.  Most are standard, but you will want to ensure you understand more about your HOA.

7.  Appraisal – Your Lender will order the appraisal and we will work with the other agent to schedule this.  No action on your part is needed.  Once we receive it, you can review it.  If any action needs to be taken, we can work together to do so.  More on this later!

8.  Loan Wrap Up – Throughout your Contract, you’ll be working with your lender to ensure you can obtain your home loan and secure it on or before your ‘Loan Objection’ deadline which is very close to Closing.  Once your loan is finalized, title and lending will balance numbers and you’ll get the opportunity to review them with your lender to know how much to bring to the closing table.  Throughout the loan process, you will see many disclosures and figures coming from your lender.  These do change from time to time, but are not final until 1-3 day prior to closing.

9.  Final Walkthrough – When we get closer to closing, we can work to schedule your final walkthrough.  More on this later, but if there are a few days/times you’d like to schedule it for now, please let us know.  Otherwise, we will reach out closer to closing to schedule.  The walkthrough is typically done within 1-5 days of closing.

10.  Closing – This is the day you will officially own your new home!!!  On this day, you will need to schedule out a 2 hour time between 8am and 2pm to sign your documents.  If you have a time that works now, please let us know.  Again, otherwise, we will reach out closer to this date to schedule.

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