Golesh Team

Under Contract...Now What?

Your Upcoming Closing

A few details to get your ready for homeownership:

1.  Feel free to set up utilities to transfer on the day of possession (Gina should have emailed you a list of utility contacts for your reference).  Please call by no later than the afternoon on your day of possession.
 – For water, the title company will transfer this, so no need for you to worry!
– For trash, we’re working to gather more information on this for you.
– Internet can be completed at your leisure by the provider of your choice.

2.  Be sure to do a formal change of address with the postal service on day of closing (or after) as well.  This can easily be completed online as: USPS.com/move

3.  Check out www.colorado.gov/driver-services for more information on change of address for your drivers license and motor vehicle license/registration needs

4.  Other things to remember to update your address to include:
– HR/Employer
– Credit Cards
– Bank/Bank Accounts
– Financials/Other Investments
– Amazon/Online Stores
– Door Dash/Delivery Services
– Magazines/Newspapers
– Mailed Subscriptions
– App on Phone
– NextDoor App
– Pet Information, etc

5.  May you do us a favor and write a review for us?  Either on Facebook and/or on Google?

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