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Under Contract...Now What?

Who's Who In Real Estate

There are a lot of people involved in your real estate transaction.  Most will reach out and introduce themselves, but we wanted to outline a ‘Who’s Who’ for you as well as Timing.  Please read the following information and let us know if you have any questions.

1.  Your Lender and our Team will be working with the Title Company.  The Title Company will work on all things relating to your deed, hoa, and title.  They may reach out to you regarding an introduction or information.  Please do not share any information with them over the phone (due to potential scams), but rather, have them email you and request that we be cc’d on the email to ensure that you are only providing your actual Title Company with information.  This could go for your lender as well if your lender has a processor or assistant that reaches out to you.  Please have them cc’d your lender though.

2.  On that note, be careful to ensure that only the actual Title Company, your Lender/Lending Team, and us (the Golesh Team, including Gina – your Transaction Manager) are the only people you are providing information to.  It is also helpful on the lending and title side to send all important information regarding your financials, identification, etc. via their security portals rather than regular emails.  We understand that this takes extra time and is more involved, but it is worth keeping your information confidential.  We here at the Golesh Team will not be requesting any proprietary information as we have everything we need on the real estate side, for now.  If we do need something, we will contact you directly.

3.  Please know that most of the items needing to be completed throughout your Under Contract can and will be done within a standard business week of Monday thru Friday, 9am to 5pm.  We do, however, have few exceptions where some things cannot be done during this time and will be sure to work outside those hours for you, as needed.  Remember that you are in great hands and though some things may feel like an emergency, most things can wait a business day to get completed.  This is especially true when we work ahead of schedule for you (as we normally do) to ensure you are best taken care of!  Know that you can call, email or text anytime.  If you get a voicemail, no immediate response or it is outside business hours, please know we will ensure you are assisted in a very timely manner within the following business hours (our maximum response time is one business day).

4.  If you ever have any questions, feel confused, don’t understand something or know what is going on, please call, text or email us and we will be more than happy to ensure you are best informed.  Again, no matter how many times you have or have not sold or purchased, it is far and few between that many people remember or know what the next steps are.  For this, we will be sure to send out email updates as we go along, but you are more than welcome to reach out at any time to ensure we are all on the same page!  Looking forward to a smooth real estate contract for you 🙂

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